Whatsapp Warriors and Face-book Philosophers

It has been learnt from a survey conducted by Harvard University in Collaboration with Fox TV Network that on an average a mobile phone user spends 90% of the air time on Whatsapp or Face-book. Don’t ask me where I got this figure from ; I just thought of it. No worries; just spin it around through Social media apps .Our Whatsapp Warriors (WW) and Face-book Philosophers would forward it on so enthusiastically that it might become true now even if there had been a  doubt earlier.

What would happen if that little curved arrow is not available on Whatsapp ? Well, the traffic on the app will be down by 90%. How can people forward stuff without reading ? How can people pass judgments on stuff they are clueless about ? Why do people forward stuff in languages , they don’t even recognize , leave alone understand ?

Well, to ‘like’ is twice blessed and to ‘forward’  divine.

So much is conveyed with so little vocabulary. The entire vocabulary of a WW is restricted to just two actions; a long press and short press. With this limited vocabulary, you can even  send a plethora of emojis to express yourself. How exciting !

The social media is here to stay. It requires a great degree of patience and detachment to go through others’ posts and sometimes post your own views without the post-delivery pains.

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  1. Truly there have been times when I have forwarded stuff mostly on its appealable value – often the funny bone being tickled, sometimes when the social value looks to be good. But then these are done within a known circle and with an effort to keep this minimised. FB is now a once in a week or even longer activity.

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